At the moment, some projects have my particular attention. As always: get in touch should you wish to cooperate!

BESTEK – a Dutch and English public procurement podcast (launched 2019, expanded in 2020)

This project aims to set up a podcast on the regulation and enforcement of Dutch and EU public procurement. In monthly thirty minute-long recorded discussions in Dutch, current and innovative academic research on public procurement law, and other fields of law that could positively improve it, are discussed with the respective authors. It aims to discuss the conclusions and implications of such research. Consequentially, the podcast discloses academic findings to a broader audience in policy, practice, politics and media, and hopes to, ultimately, improve the understanding of this field of law by publishing these podcasts online and free of charge.

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LAW CLINIC – Students helping start-ups

For quite some time now, I have been exploring the thought of setting up a Law Clinic in Utrecht. Why not employ the power of students to help start-ups?

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