A brief introduction is in order.
I specialise in European and Dutch public procurement law and continue to do so through my research, teaching and other activities.

My research focus is on sustainable insourcing and outsourcing in the public procurement context.

My (so far, fingers crossed, well-received) book ‘EU Public Procurement Law & Self-organisation’ deals with the influence of EU public procurement law on self-organisation by public authorities (first reviews after publication in Dutch & English). I was fortunate enough to be a Visiting Scholar at The George Washington University’s Government Procurement Program in Washington D.C. On this subject, I regularly publish in international and national journals to advance it further, and am a co-author of the Dutch legal commentary “Tekst & Commentaar Aanbestedingsrecht”. Sustainable and responsible insourcing and oursourcing is key in all of this!

I love lecturing.
At Utrecht University, I lecture EU and Dutch public procurement law, competition law and state aid law. In 2018, I was short-listed for Best Lecturer of the Year (next time, gadget). I also coordinate the executive course for professionals called ‘Samenwerking tussen lokale en regionale overheden’.

Impact is important (and fun!).
In 2018, the Dutch State Secretary of the Ministry of Economic Affairs followed all of the recommendations in the advice on clustering of contracts, written by a working group that I was allowed to chair. In the same year, the District Court of The Hague adopted the terminology detailed in my publication on the dividability of the State under EU law (JAAN 2018). In 2015, my joint research with prof. E.R. Manunza led to questions in the Dutch Parliament.

The world is (luckily) bigger than academia.
Listen to my podcast on public procurement (and take your first steps in Dutch?). New episodes come out every month since January 2019. Since May 2018, I write a column at Gemeente.nu on procurement, government and market, competition and anything else that needs attention. I am currently a board member of the Dutch Association for Public Procurement law (NVvA) and an editor of Tijdschrift Aanbestedingsrecht en Staatssteunrecht (Dutch journal for public procurement and state aid law). Previously, I was part of the national committee on ‘Beter Aanbesteden’ (Better Procurement), which was initiated by the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. Also, I was an invited member of the NEVI and NVvA committees that were in charge of preparing for the new EU public procurement Directives.

Life before all of this was (also!) quite good.
I read law at Utrecht University and Copenhagen University and graduated with honours. Subsequently, I briefly worked at Boekel de Nerée, a lawfirm in The Netherlands, and at Lander & Rogers, a lawfirm in Australia, and but returned to the Netherlands to pursue my PhD.

Still interested in some of my publications?