BESTEK – Public Procurement Central is the home of BESTEK – de Aanbestedingspodcast (Matanja Pinto and myself as hosts) and BESTEK – The Public Procurement Podcast (Marta Andhov and myself) and our blog. All these projects aim to improve the public procurement world in a fun and accessable manner. 

The English Podcast mimics conversations about public procurement law that usually occur at the conference dinners after the formal parts of these events are over. In 2020, co-hosts Marta Andhov and Willem Janssen realised that perhaps the most intriguing public procurement conversations occur whilst having dinner and a glass of wine. They were even so bold to assume that others outside of the academic world might also be interested in those conversations.

The Dutch podcast was launched by Willem Janssen in January 2019.  In 2021, Matanja Pinto joined as a co-host of the Dutch Podcast. In each episode, Willem and Matanja speak to academics, practicioners and public procurement professionals aiming to explore new insights and find innovative solutions for current problems.

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