Welcome to my personal page!

I am an Associate Professor in European and Dutch public procurement law at Utrecht University’s Law School, and a researcher at the Centre for Public Procurement and the Centre for Regulation and Enforcement in Europe, School of Law, Utrecht University.

Why I do, what I do
In all of my work, I aim to better public procurement law. I hope this will improve public procurement practices, put tax payer’s money to better use, and ultimately increase the happiness of professionals in this field. I focus on sustainable and responsible insourcing and outsourcing. More about my background and research?

Bridging the gap
Follow me on Twitter (@willemajanssen), or link up on LinkedIn (@wajanssen) or listen to our podcast! I am passionate about bridging the gap between academia, practice and society as a whole. So much knowledge is lost in between the cracks.

Recent stuff & cooperation
Have a look at my most recent publications on sustainability, mandatory requirements, self-organisation, the dividability of the state, and cooperation (all in light of public procurement law). Or check out some of my future projects. Always open for cooperation: get in touch!