Welcome to my personal page!

I am an Assistant Professor in Public Economic Law at Utrecht University’s Law School, and a researcher of EU and Dutch Public Procurement Law at the Public Procurement Research Centre.

Why I do, what I do
In all of my work, I aim to better public procurement law. I hope this will improve public procurement practices, put tax payer’s money to better use, and ultimately increase the happiness of professionals in this field. More about my background and research?

Bridging the gap
Follow me on Twitter (@willemajanssen), or link up on LinkedIn (@wajanssen) or listen to my podcast! I am passionate about bridging the gap between academia, practice and society as a whole. So much knowledge is lost in between the cracks.

Recent stuff & cooperation
Have a look at my most recent publications on sustainability, self-organisation, the dividability of the state, and cooperation (all in light of public procurement law). Or check out some of my future projects. Always open for cooperation: get in touch!